Lapstrake boats are defined by a ridged rather than smooth appearance and are planked with overlapping boards called “strakes”. These strakes give the vessel a unique appearance and provide a rigid durable and lightweight hull.

Lapstrake construction dates back to the time of the Vikings as early as the year 739. Lapstrake construction is so desirable because it simplifies the joining of planks and the boats are ultimately lighter because fewer parts are needed to construct the vessel.

Increased stability is achieved because the ridges on the outside of the hull displace water as the boat lists. The ridges also stiffen the hull and make it more responsive.

The Sea Dart 16" is constructed of Joubert marine grade plywood, meeting Lloyd’s of London quality standard BS 1088. This provides the sleek finish and allows the boat to weigh less than 55lbs.

The SEA DART is coated with a high-test epoxy and hand-sanded then polished. The result is a boat that is very durable and stable enough to stand in comfortably and light enough to be easily lifted and portaged by a single person.

Despite its beauty, the SEA DART 16’ is a workhorse and can take on many challenges. It is not as delicate as its appearance suggests. Rather, it should be used for its intended purpose without hesitation and will outperform any boat in its class.

Each boat is made to order with the following options:

  • Seat

  • Tray

  • Yeti Cooler

Each boat is available in one of three colors:
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Moon Dust Mist Oyster